Guest Blog: Translating Russian Cinema with InqScribe

Kino Klassika uses InqScribe to bring Russian film culture to new audiences.

By: Olga Doletskaya, Season Manager at Kino Klassika

Founded in 2015, Kino Klassika Foundation is the only independent organisation in the world dedicated to cinema from Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. We create programs of restorations, publications, art commissions, and events to spotlight filmmakers from the region, to create memorable experiences for audiences, and to advance the cultural demand for cinema from the region. We use film and film materials as the lens through which to examine the development of artistic and cultural norms and socio-political policy and design.

Kino Klassika restores and screens classic Russian films.

This year, we are launching a streaming platform devoted to highlighting films from Russia, the Caucasus, and Central Asia. We plan on offering various educational materials like director interviews and critical essays, alongside the films to give a well-rounded unique experience for our viewers. However, preparing interviews for screening has not been easy since we have to transcribe in Russian, translate to English, and create subtitles. InqScribe really has cut the time we need to do this process in half. Before using InqScribe, our team struggled to get transcripts ready on time, using a Word document and video open in another window to transcribe. The most wonderful feature of InqScribe for us is being able to view the video in the small window alongside transcribing. It makes subtitling so much easier. InqScribe has improved our communication and speed since everyone is using the same program.

InqScribe has been invaluable for transcribing various audio and video educational content. It has greatly sped up our process allowing us to add more content and additional materials to our platform thus creating a more diverse experience for our audiences.

About the Author

Olga works with venues as a season manager at Kino Klassika. She is also part of the curation team, selecting titles and translating educational content for the platform. Learn more about Russian film, and Kino Klassika’s programming, at

Thanks Olga! We’re happy InqScribe can speed up the translation work necessary to discover these Russian film classics. If you’re curious how InqScribe can fit into your translation workflow, request a free 14-day trial at, or send us an email at

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