InqScribe Beta Update

We’ve just released another update to our ongoing 2.5 Beta for macOS! This release includes further refinements and bug fixes. Here’s what’s new:

  • Use of emoji no longer causes inaccurate Find/Replace results, timecode coloring, or timecode selection.
  • XML exports do a better job filtering out invalid XML characters.
  • Better auto-deactivation of USB devices that aren’t really input devices.
  • Better window placement in certain multiple-monitor configurations.
  • Rapid play rate changes no longer lead to actual and reported play rate getting out of sync.
  • Minor UI improvements and bug fixes.

Download the update from our website here. Or, update your existing 2.5 Beta by opening the app and selecting “InqScribe > Check for Updates.”

New to the InqScribe 2.5 Beta? Check out our initial InqScribe 2.5 release announcement for more information on what to expect. For further questions or comments, send an email to us at

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