InqScribe 2.5 Beta Now Available for macOS

We’re pleased to announce InqScribe version 2.5 is now ready for public beta testing!

This update brings some long requested new features along with full Catalina and Big Sur support:

  • Native spell check
  • Sleek new design, in Retina-compatible high definition
  • New, more versatile media engine
  • More responsive, fully native text field
  • Emojis
  • Improved USB device management
  • Option to restore a previous session’s document windows

Should you install the beta?

  • No if you’re a Windows user. But don’t worry, Windows version coming soon!
  • No if you want the most stable experience (i.e. you are working on a big, important project).
  • Yes if you’re running macOS Catalina or Big Sur.
  • Yes if you’re running any version of macOS and want to check out the new features.

If you’re running macOS Catalina or Big Sur, you will need to use the new InqScribe 2.5. Older versions of InqScribe will not work in Catalina or Big Sur.

If you are running an older macOS version, you are welcome to try the beta— but know that the current official release of InqScribe, version 2.2, will continue working on older macOS versions. Also, older versions of macOS will allow you to have both InqScribe 2.5 and the more stable 2.2 installed.

We plan to release updates to the beta en route to our official release. The launch date is tbd, but rest assured the full 2.5 release will be available free to all current InqScribe users.

As a beta, please be aware that you may encounter some rough edges. We’ve done our best to smooth things out, but if you do encounter an issue, please draw our attention by contacting us at, or by using InqScribe’s “Help > Report a bug…” feature.

Note: InqScribe is moving away from QuickTime as its media engine in favor of the more modern and versatile AVFoundation. While this change offers a host of benefits, the QuickTime-specific feature “Save Subtitled QuickTime Movie” is no longer available. Other methods of creating subtitled videos can be found here.

The 2.5 beta is available free to all InqScribe users.  Your 2.x license will work just fine.

Download the beta here.

For a full list of features, please see the Public Beta Version History page.

InqScribe 2.5 UI

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