InqScribe 2.2.4 Released

We’ve just released InqScribe version 2.2.4, a minor update that addresses a few bugs. Here’s the full list of changes:

  • The export submenu now includes a link to, which offers some export formats beyond what the app provides.
  • Exported file names are now based on the document name instead of defaulting to “export”.
  • Preserve the state of the Anti-Alias checkbox when iterating on a subtitled movie export.
  • Minor documentation updates.
  • Better support for licenses whose owner names include accents and other non-ASCII characters.
  • Updated to support evaluation licenses that expire in 2018 and beyond.

You can download the free update at  Note that evaluation licenses will require version 2.2.4 from here on out. For help with installation, head over to our article “How do I install InqScribe?

For those of you eager for a more substantial release, rest assured we have bigger changes in store this year. If you have any questions about version 2.2.4, send an email to us at

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