Mac Users: InqScribe Catalina Support Coming Soon…

Apple has released macOS Catalina which has broken many applications, including InqScribe.

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Don’t upgrade just yet!  As with any major OS update, we recommend waiting at least a release or two for Apple to fix the inevitable issues before upgrading.  This is doubly true if you have any critical applications that are not yet compatible with the OS, e.g. InqScribe.  So if you absolutely need to use InqScribe, please don’t upgrade yet.
  2. Catalina beta coming this month!  We are actively working on an update and expect to release a free Catalina-friendly beta later this month.
  3. Sign up for the beta: To be notified as soon as the Catalina beta is available, sign up for our mailing list here (if you already subscribed to our announcement list, you don’t need to re-sign up)

If you are already on Catalina, one possible workaround is to run a virtual machine of a past version of macOS, or Windows 10 (your InqScribe license will work on both Mac and Windows environments). You can then run InqScribe off of that virtual machine. Disclaimer: this option is fairly involved. More information on the virtual machine workaround here.

We are close! Here is a screenshot of the new UI:

InqScribe 2.5 UI
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