InqScribe 2.2.3 released

We just released InqScribe 2.2.3, a free update for all InqScribe users. Get it here:

If you are currently using InqScribe 2.2.2, you should download 2.2.3 as soon as is convenient. 2.2.2 was accidentally released as a “development build”, which behaves exactly the same as a production build except that it has a built-in expiration date. That date is April 13.

If your version of InqScribe refuses to open, stating that it has expired, it does not mean your paid license or evaluation license has expired. All you need to do is download and install InqScribe 2.2.3 and you’ll be up and running again.

We are acutely embarrassed by this error and apologize profusely.

In addition to removing the expiration date, version 2.2.3 adds support for exporting to WebVTT, which is becoming a common means to add subtitles to streaming video. Both YouTube and Vimeo, for example, allow you to upload WebVTT files to caption your videos. You can read more about InqScribe’s WebVTT support here.

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