User Stories: Low Income Boys and Pakistani Television

An occasional series where we share interesting stories about InqScribe from our users.  If you have a story  you’d like to share, contact us!


Professor Nsir Malik (ret.), a founding member of Pakistan Television, media professional, and currently retired teacher has been using InqScribe to do charity work with media students in Pakistan.

Some of the students he works with are journalism students but most are freelance low income boys, many of whom cannot afford formal schooling or training. They share or borrow camcorders and shoot their own short videos of 5 to 15 minutes, covering current issues like drug abuse, gender issues, child abuse, child labor, sanitation, traffic problems etc.  The students sell these videos to private TV networks, and in return they get nominal payment (though sometimes only a letter of thanks).  The local networks use these small films as social service spots.

The students use InqScribe to transcribe, translate, and add English subtitles to the videos. Some of the original transcripts are written in Urdu, with timecodes brought over from InqScribe. They then use InqScribe to create subtitles.  Interestingly, most subtitles are in English as most people in provinces can read English. The provincial networks then add local language voice over.  It’s a useful learning stage for them on their way to becoming professionals, and it adds much needed income.


Thank you for sharing and best wishes on this wonderful work, Mr Malik!

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