InqScribe 2.1.1 Released

We’ve just released a minor update to InqScribe: version 2.1.1.

This is a free upgrade for all users.

Download the update here.

Primarily, the update improves the behavior of timecode-specific fields (such as the Start Time field) to better match Final Cut Pro’s behavior.  In addition, InqScribe will now automatically download updates for you.

Also, please note that we’ve changed the behavior of USB devices: now you need to plug in your USB devices BEFORE you start InqScribe.  This should improve the stability of certain types of devices.

Here’s the full change list:

  • The behavior of timecode-specific fields (such as the Start Time field in the Select Media Source dialog) has been changed from version 2.1. The new behavior will feel natural to Final Cut Pro users and offers a couple of different ways to quickly enter timecodes. Click the blue help icon next to the field to learn more about your entry options.
  • InqScribe’s internal update checker now provides access to release notes and offers to download updates.
  • InqScribe can now read shared license files from platform-specific shared preference locations. This is primarily for site licensees who use InqScribe in lab settings. Contact us for more information if this sounds interesting.
  • Added support for the 23.98 frame rate.
  • The Adjust Timecode field adds explicit add and subtract options instead of requiring you to add negative timecodes if you want to subtract.
  • InqScribe no longer recognizes USB input devices (foot pedals, etc.) that are plugged in after InqScribe has been launched. While this was a convenience, it triggered hard crashes in rare cases with certain classes of devices. If you need to enable an input device after InqScribe has been launched, go ahead and plug it in, and then quit and relaunch InqScribe.
  • Fixed undo bug where changing the selection would not end a typing run.
  • Improved file compatibility with non-US locales.
  • Windows: Text copied to other applications no longer use incorrect line endings.
  • Additional miscellaneous bug fixes.
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