InqScribe Training Videos for Deaf Community

We have a fair number of users in the Deaf community who use InqScribe to transcribe and subtitle videos.

Stacy Bick of Rochtester Institute of Technology has put together a really nice series of videos to introduce subtitling with InqScribe for the Deaf community. Actually it’s a pretty complete set of video tutorials that anyone might find useful.

Here is the main video tutorial page (Unfortunately, this is just a list of the latest videos, so you may have to scroll down).

For your convenience, here is a list of all the videos:

  1. Introduction
  2. Interface Overview
  3. Select Media File
  4. Controllers and Shortcuts
  5. Transcription and Snippets
  6. Proof Checking
  7. Export Movie from InqScribe
  8. Enable/Disable Subtitle Display
  9. Export Only Subtitles to FCP
  10. Modify Existing Transcript Timecode
  11. Conclusion

Thanks, Stacy!

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