Tip: Inserting the Current Time of Day or Transcribing While Videotaping

You can insert the current time of day into your transcript. This is useful for instance, if you want to take notes while you are recording during a meeting or video shoot. Later when you import the media, you can sync the start time to your video.

For example, let’s say you’re shooting an interview, and it begins at 1:00pm. During the interview, you can take notes in InqScribe, noting when a particularly interesting conversation happens by inserting the current time. For instance, if the interviewee says something interesting 12 minutes and 3 seconds into the interview, you can insert a time stamp next to your note about that with one keystroke, e.g.:

“[01:12:03.00] T didn’t know it at the time.”

Alternatively, instead of using time of day, you can also use a stopwatch synced to the start of the video recording.

How do you do this? Just set the Media Source to an Offline Media type and select “Use time of day” or “Use stopwatch timer”.

Here are detailed instructions:

1. Create a new transcript “FIle->New Document…”
2. Click on the “Select Media Source…” button
3. In the “Source Type” popup menu, select “Offline Media”
4. Under “Timecode:” select the “Use time of day” radio button.

(Or you can select “Use stopwatch timer” and select a start time and end time.)

Then just type away as you normally would, using Command-; or (Ctrl-; in Windows) to insert the current time. Instead of using the media time, InqScribe will now insert the current time of day, or the stopwatch time.

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