2.1 Tip: How to Lay Down a Timecode Every 30 Seconds

New in version 2.1 of InqScribe: You can insert timecode series, e.g. “lay down a timecode every 30 seconds,” like this:

[00:00:00.00] [00:00:30.00] [00:01:00.00] [00:01:30.00] [00:02:00.00] [00:02:30.00]

This is typically used by transcriptionists who need to sync text with the video every n seconds. So you start with an empty transcript, insert the timecodes, then begin transcription.

You can insert time series by:

  1. Start InqScribe
  2. Create a new transcript
  3. Select “Edit” menu->”Insert Time Series…”
  4. Enter the number of seconds you want between each timecode, start and end times, and optionally a line break or text after each timecode.
  5. Click “Insert”

…and transcribe away!

Download version 2.1 here: http://www.inqscribe.com/download.html

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