Background Pedal Support: Not Quite There Yet

One of the features that we really wanted to get into version 2.1 is support for using foot pedals (and other USB input devices) to control media playback while InqScribe is in the background. This would let users stay in their favorite application like Word or FileMaker, but still be able to control media playback during transcription.

Background support was present in the 2.1 betas, and we had updated the documentation to reflect this. But we made a decision very late in the 2.1 release cycle, after QA showed that some brands of foot pedals were not functioning properly in the background, to pull the feature until we could get it right.

Unfortunately, while we pulled the feature, we did not pull the related documentation, so if you read the documentation for 2.1 you may wonder where the magical “Control Media in Background” option is.

We’re working hard to restore that option as soon as we resolve the issues with some foot pedals. In the meantime, the feature does exist in the latest 2.1 beta, which you are welcome download and try (although you may run into the same QA issues that we did). [Update 2011-05-11: Sorry, we’ve since removed the beta due to QA issues.]

If you are interested in background foot pedal support, please contact us and let us know what kind of foot pedal you’re using, and we’ll let you know as soon as we have a resolution for this issue.

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