Inquirium co-director Matt Brown interviewed on making innovative learning software sustainable

I was recently featured on the Humans of the Learning Sciences podcast (listen here, or on Apple Podcasts or Spotify). The hour-long interview dives into the origins of Inquirium, my own background as an educator, and the challenges of bringing cutting edge approaches to teaching and learning to life for classrooms and informal learning institutions.

In the interview, I describe how grant funded educational technologies often lack that final 10% of refinement and polish that can really make 90% of the difference in terms of long-term teacher uptake, and how Inquirium helps its clients to bridge that gap.

The interview also explores what it was like to be a graduate student in the early days of the Learning Sciences, and the drive of Inquirium’s founders to find a path beyond tenure track professorships, where we could focus our energies on creating educational technologies that survive beyond the grant cycles.

The Humans of the Learning Sciences podcast is produced by Monica Ko with support from the Learning Sciences Research Institute at University of Illinois at Chicago.

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