Upcoming Talks that Feature Our Work

Most of the work we do at Inquirium involves working with university researchers. And the wonderful thing about working with researchers is they like to publish their findings. Here are some upcoming highlights:

Learning Science through Physical Play

This is a nice overview video of our work with UCLA’s Noel Enyedy and Indiana University’s Joshua Danish on their Learning Science through Physical Play project:

Science through Technologically Enhanced Play from videohall.com on Vimeo.

AERA 2018

If you’re going to AERA, here are some sessions to check out:

ICLS 2018

The ICLS schedule hasn’t been published yet, but look for:

  • POSTER: Tracing Bodies through Liminal Blends during Play-Based Inquiry in a Mixed-Reality Environment — Danielle Keifert, Noel Enyedy, Maggie Dahn, Christine Lee, Lindsay Lindberg, UCLA
  • POSTER: Investigating Multiple Dimensions of Student Engagement with Embodied Science Learning — Megan Humburg, Joshua Danish, Indiana University
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